Commercial Mortgages

Commercial Property and Business Mortgages with interest rates starting at just 2.0% over Bank Base Rate

At Bowman Finance we can provide you ready access to a wide range of Commercial Mortgage Lenders very active in the market who will look to provide a Commercial Mortgage at competitive rates up to 30 year terms. We can provide both ‘capital and interest’ repayment schemes and ‘interest only’ options.

We can arrange finance for a first-time commercial investment, a recently converted mixed use property, a mortgage on the property your own business resides in, a portfolio of small value residential properties and many more “tricky cases”.

There is of course a wide range of standard Commercial Mortgage products that support the following properties:

  • Offices, Warehouse and Industrial Premise
  • Commercial Mortgages for Nursing/Care Homes and Children’s Nurseries
  • Commercial Mortgages for Cafes, Pubs, clubs, hotels, restaurants, as well as other types of licensed premise
  • Commercial Mortgages for all types of Leisure Facilities – health clubs, gyms, leisure parks
  • Commercial Mortgages for Farms, equestrian and agricultural units
  • Professional Landlord Buy to Let mortgages and portfolio consolidation/equity release
  • Commercial Mortgages for High Street Retail premises, semi-commercial properties, take-aways. (Please note purchases for Investment will require the property to be rented and generating an income at the time of purchase).

In order to assess your best Commercial Mortgage option we will need to understand more about your business and confirm the ability to repay the mortgage from business profits or other sources of income. In general terms we can offer mortgages up to 75% of the freehold / long leasehold value of the property or business being purchased.

Buy-To-Let & HMO


Expand Your Portfolio

We can also assist with a broad range of Buy To Let Mortgage products on both fixed and variable interest rates. If you are currently occupying a commercial property as a sitting tenant and running a profitable business then we can offer special rates and generally a higher loan to value.

Buy to let Mortgages allow the borrower a first charge loan using an investment residential property as security.
The buy to let mortgage is set-up so that the property is tenanted out and the mortgage payments are covered by the rent generated by the tenant within the security.

A HMO Mortgage is a conventional Buy To Let Mortgage taken over a security that has multiple tenants. It is referred to as a House of Multiple Occupancy i.e. shared bathing and kitchen facilities. A Holiday Let mortgage is a conventional buy to let mortgage on a security that has long-term tenancy restrictions.

A portfolio mortgage straddles the border between buy to let lending and commercial mortgages as a loan over multiple properties. In a Buy to Let form this will take individual loan charges against each property whereas in commercial form a single loan facility can stretch over multiple properties.

The two main forms of buy to let products are:

  1. Interest only products
  2. Capital and interest repayment products

A buy to let mortgage provider will lend to a set percentage of the purchase price of the property and this is generally 75-80% at the top end (Loan to Value).
As a long-term product the rates often tend to be very competitive and the borrower is provided with a choice of a fixed or variable rate product. A fixed rate product allows the borrower to plan monthly expenditure; a variable rate product holds the advantage of a potentially decreasing monthly payment.

For assistance with obtaining your Commercial / Business Mortgage Facility or Buy To Let Mortgages at the best interest rates and terms please call us today on today on 0333 772 2980 to see how we can help or send an email enquiry to and we will contact you promptly.

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